Basic information

Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Economics at the University of Warsaw


Academic Association of Economic Psychology

They invite you to

7th Conference "Economic Psychology",

17-18 May in Warsaw.


The theme of the conference addresses the following issues:

  • Money psychology
  • Experimental economics/ behavioral finance
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Decisions and risk perception
  • Social responsibility in economic behaviour

Organisational Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Hab. Dominika Maison, Prof. UW (WP UW)
  • Vice-President: Dr Tomasz Kopczewski (WNE UW)
  • WNE UW Coordinator: Dr Przemysław Kusztelak
  • Coordinator of WP UW: Mgr Katarzyna Sekścińska
  • Coordinator of WP UW: mgr Joanna Rudzińska-Wojciechowska

Valid dates:

Please send you to the address kindly:

Until February 15, the initial withdrawal title (form)

until 15 March the final title and summaries of the conference/poster speech (form) or declaration of passive participation (form)



Participation in the conference is free for ASPE members who paid the membership contribution until 31.03.2013.

The conference fee is PLN 150 (includes the cost of meals and conference materials).

Account number: 381090187000000111038628

Address of the recipient: Academic Association of Economic Psychology

UL. Jagiellonian 57/59

03-301 Warsaw, Poland

Title: ASPE2013 (first and last name)

Date and place of the conference:

The conference will take place from 17-18 May 2013 at the KazimierzOwski Palace on the campus of the Central University of Warsaw (Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28).



Please send your application forms and any questions to your e-mail address: