The “Polish Journal of Economic Psychology” biannual journal aims to shed light on the latest concepts and research findings from areas where economic and psychological theories overlap. It’s a new research area and a trend that has been developing in the domain of social sciences for many years. The journal aims to function as a platform for the exchange of thoughts and innovative ideas in the field of psychology explaining the mechanisms of economic behaviour (psychology of money, work psychology, consumer behaviour, entrepreneurship) as well as of behavioural finance and experimental economics.

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Editorial board

prof. Agata Gąsiorowska – Editor-in-chief
prof. Elżbieta Kubińska – Deputy editor-in- chief
Łukasz Markiewicz, PhD
Katarzyna Owsiak, PhD
Justyna Pawlak, PhD
prof. Anna Maria Zawadzka

Programme board

prof. Jan Czekaj – chair of the Programme Board
prof. Gerrit Antonides
prof. Małgorzata Górnik-Durose
Pelin Kesebir, PhD
Bruce Kirkcaldy, PhD
Christoph Kogler, PhD
prof. David Leiser
prof. Júlio Fernando Seara Sequeira da Mota Lobão
prof. Adam Szyszka
prof. Tadeusz Tyszka
prof. Aleksandra Tokarz
prof. Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz
prof. Piotr Zielonka