Conference place:

University of Warsaw
Main Campus
UL. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
Senate Hall and Gold Hall

The palace, now named Kazimierzowski, was erected in the years
1637-1641 as the summer palace of Villa Regia for King Władysław IV. Building
located at the historic Royal Course. Since 1824 is the seat of the
University of Warsaw. Today, the building houses the Rector of the UW and
UW History Museum.

Gala dinner place:

Restaurant Basiliszek
Old Town Square 1/3

The Basilrestaurant is located in one of the beautiful tenementhouses of the Market Square
Old Town in Warsaw. Jeleniowska Townhouse (today called "Pod
Basiliz") is located on the Side of Zakrzewski, in the south feathers, from
the royal castle and St. Peter's Cathedral. Jana, between Ul. Customs and