Requesting instances (COMPLETED)  11.01.2019 to 11.03.2019
Review and notification of the authors of decision notifications (COMPLETED)  31.03.2019
Registration for conference and payment of a lower conference fee (COMPLETED)  01.04.2019 to 20.04.2019
Registration for conference and payment of the standard conference fee (CLOSED: inactive link)  21.04.2019 to 08.05.2019

Registration is already CLOSED: link to registration form – INACTIVE

Registration confirmation is sent by Google Forms from the<></>

The basic fee for participation in the ASPE 2019 conference is (an additional fee of PLN 70 must be added for attending the welcome dinner):

  • PLN 550 for payment until 20 April 2019
  • Between 21 April and 8 May 2019

The aspe conference fee for doctoral students and students is (if you attend a welcome dinner, you must add 70 PLN to the fee):

  • 450 PLN for payment until 20 April 2019
  • 500 PLN for payments between 21 April and 8 May 2019

The fee includes:

  1. Conference materials
  2. Coffee breaks (9-10.05) and lunches (9-10.05)
  3. Attending a gala dinner on 9.05.2019 
  4. aspe membership fee for 2019 (Participants who will pay a conference fee become members of ASPE in 2019.)

The fee does not include:

  1. Participation in the welcome dinner (8.05.2019 – for those willing – 70 PLN, please pay a transfer fee, including a conference fee.  If necessary, we will send a separate email asking you to deposit the full amount for attending the conference without breaking that amount into the components)
  2. Accommodation 
The conference fee should be paid by bank transfer to the ASPE account:
Academic Association of Economic Psychology
UL. Jagiellonian 57/59
03-301 Warsaw, Poland
mBank 23 1140 2004 0000 3902 7488 1018

In the title of the transfer, please provide the name of the person/persons for which the fee is made and the added: "aspe conference fee 2019".

The invoice will be prepared before the conference and sent electronically. For those who pay to attend a welcome dinner, the amount for attending the conference will be adequately increased on the invoice, without specifying the dinner in a separate position.